We are a group of passionate social media influencers trying to positively impact the way our beloved city is perceived. Rather than waiting for the national news media to share our city’s endearing qualities, we’ve taken to our social networks to affect change and share the good news about its rich character, culture and innovation.

Participation voluntary

While your involvement is purely voluntary, it’s not a thankless job. The hope is that the more positive content we all share about Albuquerque, the more positive things start to take place here. So on behalf of all of our fellow citizens, thank you.

Nuts and bolts

Once you agree to participate, you will receive an email invitation from The Loop. Simply follow the email’s link to confirm basic contact information and to set up your preferred social media channels. Once complete, The Loop will start serving content into your hub with which you can engage. Each post comes with suggested language if you need to share in a pinch, but sharing in your own words is what will make it special.

Yes, I will lend my social voice to make Albuquerque a better place.